Pakistan National Hockey Team
Pakistan National Hockey Team

Rostock/Berlin/New Jersey — (ARAB NEWSWIRE) — The German biotech firm, Arcensus has initiated a program for the Pakistani national hockey team to perform a cardiac preventive program for the players. Sudden cardiac death is the leading cause of death in active and young athletes. Athletes, who are the fittest people in society, can develop unexpected heart disease leading to sudden cardiac death, especially in stressful situations. Those cardiac abnormalities are often features of hereditary diseases in young people. The aim of the collaboration between Arcensus and the Pakistani national hockey team is to find out whether some athletes might have a gene mutation that could cause heart problems even though the athletes are actually healthy. Early testing based on the whole genome sequencing technology can prevent these heart diseases. Athletes undergo numerous costly medical examinations, but genetic testing is not a standard part of medical care. If diagnosed with a predisposition to developing heart disease does not mean the professional career is over. In most cases, optimally treated athletes can return to competitive sports with a low rate of a breakthrough cardiac event.

The Pakistani national hockey coach Siegfried Aikman also participated in the genetic testing and stated: “We are proud to serve as “Ambassadors for Genetics” and raise awareness for genetic diseases not only in sports but for Pakistan in general. One of our players has lost two sons to genetic diseases and one son is currently under treatment. We need to continue to raise awareness and make knowledge available to everyone as it is time to break the chain”.

Specifically in Pakistan genetic diseases have become a burden for the entire country. Arcensus CEO and Founder Prof. Dr. Arndt Rolfs who is leading the program stated: “What we currently see in Pakistan is a silent pandemic. There are in the meanwhile about 16 million individuals, mostly children, living in Pakistan with any form of a rare genetic disorder. These very high numbers are based on the extremely high frequency of cousin marriage in the country. This is why we are especially happy to partner with the Pakistani national hockey team as “Ambassadors for Genetics” and raise awareness and spread knowledge on this topic.”

Over the next three weeks, the whole genome DNA will be sequenced and analysed in Germany. Afterwards, the results will be shared with the players together with genetic counselling if required. The results will contribute to a better understanding of the frequency and risk constellation of genetic heart problems in young athletes.

About Arcensus

Arcensus is a digital healthcare and diagnostics company that empowers people to take control of their health. The company provides the highest-standard, secure, trusted, and comprehensive medical service based on Whole Genome Sequencing. Arcensus analyses the complete genetic information in human DNA and identifies the predispositions as well as reasons for unclear symptoms with the help of cutting-edge technology including artificial intelligence. The detailed medical report suggests better treatment options and helps individuals take preventive measures to live a healthier and longer life.

From our offices in New Jersey – United States, Rostock and Berlin – Germany, a cross-functional team of genetic experts, medical doctors, and data scientists works to make the most sophisticated and best genetic interpretation with medical and health prevention applications accessible to everyone.

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About Pakistan National Hockey Team

The Pakistan National Hockey Team has represented Pakistan in international field hockey since 1948 and was ranked #1 in the world by the International Hockey Federation in both 2000 and 2001. It has won a total of 24 gold, 21 silver and 15 bronze medals in major tournaments around the globe.

The current national team has a lot of talent and is led by captain Muhammad Umar Bhutta. The squad also includes very skilful players such as Mohsin Ali, Ahmed Nadeem, Muhammad Salman Razzaq, Muhammad Abdullah, Hammad-ud Din Anjum Aqeel Ahmed and others.

Well-known Siegfried Gottlieb Aikman is the head coach of the team and Olympic bronze medalist Khawaja Junaid is the team manager.

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