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The management of aircraft technical records whether from an operator’s perspective (Lessee) or representing the aircraft owner (Lessor) is 2 sides of the same story and whilst the operator is mandated to ensure the continuing airworthiness of the aircraft, the lessor is absolutely focused on managing the “asset” to protect their investment.

If you are looking to work either as a tech records specialist with the Airlines or to support the lessor organization – this course will provide a significant understanding of the many obligations, process & procedures which come together to manage an aircraft.

Forthcoming Technical Records Training Notification

Aircraft Technical Records Specialist Lessee Management for CAMO & TR Staff – 2 Days, Dubai, UAE – 2nd of February & 3rd of February 2020

The Lessor / Lessee Relationship is governed by the process & procedures, the agreement to lease all within the umbrella of either European Aviation Safety Agency EASA / Federal Aviation Administration FAA regulations (or both).

Many people enter the Continuing Airworthiness Role of Technical Records Management in a junior position and progress in time to more senior roles or even head of department.

If you have the potential to be able to understand the terms and implications of an Aircraft Lease agreement from a technical perspective then this could very well be the career for you.

Consider Different elements which concern the Role of Technical Record Staff.

Managing Concise & Diligent Aircraft Technical Records is an essential obligation for Technical Records Staff, whether we are talking about operators or maintainers the reality is that the need to ensure correct management and retention of technical records.

We should not underestimate the fact that the value of the aircraft requires that we ensure the correctness of the technical records.

An essential element of ensuring competence within the tech records process is to make sure that all stakeholders in the process have a thorough knowledge of the specific roles and responsibilities. In this way, we can maintain the highest standards throughout the process.

The requirement concerning data records integrity is a requirement for aircraft owners to heed as well as the Continuous Airworthiness Management Organisation CAMO. Correct records are in fact a prerequisite to continuance of the Certificate of Airworthiness of the aircraft.

Sofema Aviation Service www.sassofia.com and SofemaOnline www.sofemaonline.com offer CAMO Lessee Regulatory and Vocation training both online and within the classroom environment.

For details or enquiries please email office@sassofia.com or online@sassofia.com.

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