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Dubai, UAE — ARAB NEWSWIRE — There are various types of credit cards that are available in the UAE, such as Rewards, Cashback, Miles/Travel. Depending on the typical spending habits, lifestyle, credit situation and other factors, one can choose the best credit card that suits his/her needs and requirements. When the right credit card is used for the right type of transaction, one can get cashback, points or redeemable miles. Credit cards offer the best of lifestyle and business privileges, helping customers gain more benefits from their everyday expenditure.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Credit Card in the UAE

When comparing and choosing the best credit cards in the UAE, one can keep the following factors in mind:

Spending Habits

A person’s spending habit is one of the determining factors to choose a credit card. If someone regularly shops online or buys groceries, then a cashback/rewards credit card might be a better option. A Miles/Travel credit card might be better suited for people who love to travel regularly.

Annual Fees

Some credit cards may offer zero annual fees, while some credit cards may not charge an annual fee if the predefined spend requirement in a year has been reached. Other credit cards may charge customers an annual fee. Customers can check the annual fees, any other related fees, terms and conditions of each card before they opt for the one that suits their requirements.

Rewards and Benefits

Credit cards offer benefits as per a customer’s credit card needs and rewards based on a customer’s credit card spending. With a Cashback credit card, customers can get automatic cashback on their AED and non-AED transactions, such as grocery purchases, online purchases and other everyday spends. With a Rewards credit card, the earned points can be redeemed for cash rebates, shopping vouchers, merchandise and staycation bookings. With a Miles/Travel card, customers can get Skywards Miles on every USD spent which can then be redeemed for airline tickets or upgrades.

Instalment Plans

Most of the big retail purchases on credit cards can easily be converted to small monthly payments so that customers do not get overburdened by the huge outstanding amount. Customers can choose the preferred repayment tenure depending on the interest rate and monthly instalment amount.


Get ready to unlock a world of rewards/points/cashback/miles with the right type of credit cards. One can get attractive rewards, cashback or points on almost every purchase, making credit cards valuable financial tools for everyone. As specific credit cards are tailored to suit the different lifestyle needs of customers, it is advisable to compare and choose the best credit card to get the maximum benefits. Customers can check out the extensive range of cards in the UAE and apply for credit cards online that best suits their needs.

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