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DUBAI, UAE — (ARAB NEWSWIRE) — A credit card is a powerful tool that allows individuals to manage their financial needs easily and instantly. Having a credit card in their pocket gives individuals unmatched freedom to spend money and fulfill their needs. They can use the card for shopping, paying online bills and so on without any hassle.

There are multiple options of credit cards that are available in the market to choose from such as cashback, rewards credit cards and many more. Transactions made using a credit card can bag cashback, reward points, and miles that they can redeem in the future. However, choosing a credit card that offers multiple benefits and rewards as per the individual’s requirement can be overwhelming.

Things to Consider Before Applying for a Credit Card

Credit cards are accepted globally, thus making them a great alternative to cash. Individuals can keep the below-mentioned points in consideration before applying for credit cards:

  1. Rewards

Most credit cards give individuals various rewards such as cashback, travel miles and so on. Many credit cards in the market offer tempting perks to the individuals depending on their credit card needs. For example, a rewards credit card allows individuals to earn reward points. Once enough points are collected, individuals can redeem them to make eligible purchases, book flight tickets, book local hotel staycations, and more.  It is advisable to check and compare the deals on different cards to narrow down the choices and apply for the one that fits an individual’s needs.

  1. Annual Fees

Credit cards that charge an annual fee may offer more benefits and value to individuals rather than the credit cards that do not charge an annual fee. Individuals who pay an annual fee on credit cards can enjoy several benefits, such as statement credit bonus/bonus miles, greater allowances on everyday benefits like movies/lounges/golf, etc. However, individuals may want to check the benefits offered by different credit cards before choosing the right one.

  1. Interest Rate

Different credit cards offer different interest rates.  If a customer pays the full outstanding bill amount within the current billing cycle, then no interest will be charged on that amount. However, if the customer pays only the minimum stated bill amount, then interest rate will be charged on the outstanding balance even after a minimum payment is done. If a customer fails to pay even the minimum payment, then on top of the interest rate, the customer would be charged a penalty. Individuals can look around and compare the different interest rates of credit cards and select the one that matches their needs.

  1. Benefits and Privileges

Many credit cards offer a suite of benefits and privileges that customers can take advantage of. For example, some credit cards may offer free airport lounge access, complimentary access to golf courses in the UAE, discounts on food and dining bills, etc. Customers can compare the benefits offered by different credit cards and opt for the one that matches their lifestyle needs.


Individuals can consider the above-mentioned points before getting a credit card. As specific credit cards cater to the different lifestyle needs of individuals, it is advisable to compare the credit cards to get the best deal. Individuals may also want to check the eligibility criteria before applying for a credit card online.

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