Kuwait by Mohammed Katib
Kuwait by Mohammed Katib

Kuwait Media List including Blogs, Magazines, Newspapers, Radio and Television reporting on MENA, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

Kuwait City  — (Arab Newswire) — Kuwait is a Western Asian country located in the northern part of Eastern Arabia near the Persian Gulf. The capital is Kuwait City.  This Arabian country boarders Saudi Arabia to the south, Iraq to the north and to the east, she shares maritime boundaries with Iran. Kuwait is member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).   

The population of Kuwait is 4.8 million according to 2019 data. These inhabitants speak English and Arabic, but the county’s official language is Arabic. Hence, newspapers and magazines are published in these aforementioned languages.   There are public,  private and Pan-Arab satellite stations that broadcast within regions or nationwide. The Internet is widely available; about 98 percent of the Kuwaiti people have online access.  

With the ubiquity of the Internet and social media, Kuwaitis are consumers and publishers of blogs, social media,  online news sites of magazines, newspapers, radio and television stations. Arab Newswire™  publishes and distributes press releases in Arabic and English to Kuwaiti and GCC journalists, newswire services, bloggers, editors, publishers, content producers and directors of news agencies. 

Below is sample Kuwait Media List.   

Al Forqan


Al Rai Media

Al Seyassah

Al Taleea

Al Wasat






Al-Rai al-Amm 



Arab Times




Kuwait News Agency (Kuna)

Kuwait Page

Kuwait Times 

Kuwaiti TV

Kuwaiti Up to Date

KWT Today

Marina FM

Radio Kuwait


The Kuwaiti media covers local, national and international news including the country’s businesses industries, political, socio-economic issues and main industries such as oil, cement, shipbuilding, food processing and construction materials.  The estimated nominal GDP of Kuwait is $135 billion. Like many countries during this pandemic period, the economy has slowed down by 5.3 percent in 2020. Experts, however, estimate that the country will experience and economic growth of 2.7 percent in 2021.    

While Kuwait is  going through economic difficulty, the news  media continue to report on issues that affect the Kuwaiti people. To publish and distribute press releases to media outlets in Kuwait or the GCC region,  please contact Arab Newswire™.   

About Arab Newswire™
Arab Newswire is a newswire service with press release distribution to media in the GCC region, Arab world, Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Write a press release today, submit it here on Arabnewswire.com and see it distributed via email directly to journalists, news analysts and decision makers in Arabic, English or French.  Receive a clipping report of your news release published on online news sites, blogs, magazines, newspapers, newswires, news aggregators, search engines and social media outlets.


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