Ono Kosuki illustrating Moroccan Journalist
Ono Kosuki illustrating Moroccan Journalist working on a story.

Morocco Media landscape with list for press release distribution to journalists in magazines newspapers, radio, television and the Internet. Below is insight on media and Morocco Media List.
Rabat, Morocco (ARAB NEWSWIRE) Despite the government strong hold on media, there is quasi media liberalism in Morocco. With high television, radio and  the internet penetration in the urban and regional areas, the Moroccan people have access to news, entertainment, social, political and economic programs.

Moroccans love their TVs. Over 96 percent of the population own a television sets and watches 3.75 hours of programing per day.  The television stations are either state or private owned with high number of satellite TV stations around the country.

The radio stations are Morocco’s second source of information with over 80 percent of household owning a radio set. The press, including newspapers and magazines, are  Morocco’s third source of news consummation. The press prints and distributes 321,000 copies per day.  With the advent of the Internet, the Moroccan people are turning to online news sites and social Media for information and entertainment. In 2017, the country experienced 58 percent of Internet usage, while in 2020, 69 percent of the population used the internet.    

In what language do Moroccans consume news? Forty percent of Moroccans speak or write Arabic while 10 percent use French as their formal language, but many stations broadcast in regional dialects.  However, businesses can reach journalists, editors, news analysts, producers, stakeholders and consumers by sending press releases in French or Arabic to Morocco media list shown below. To distribute press releases, contact Arab Newswire.  

Morocco Media List:  


Agadir 24

Agadir 360

Ahfir 24

Akhbar Meknes 24

Akhbar Nador

Akhbar Rif

Al Ahdath Al Maghribia

Al Alam

Al Bayane

Al Haraka

Al Ikhbaria

Alt Presse

An Nahar Al Maghribia


Arouit 24

Article 19



Assahra Al Maghribia

Assarag 24

Atlas Scoop

Aujourd’hui Le Maroc

Ayam Press

Azilal 24

Bab Nador

Badil Press


Bayane Al Yaoume

Bayane Al Yaoume

Bayane Marrakech



Bladi Online

Bninsar City

Bourse News

Canal Tetouan

Casa Oui

Cawalisse Alyoume

Chichaoua Alaan

Chtouka Press

Dakhla Press

Dalil Rif

El Jadida 24

El Jadida 36

El Jadida Express

Fes 24

Fes News

Fes News

Finances News Hebdo

Free Rif


H24 Info


Hoceima City

Journal Rif

Kech 24

Kech 365

Kenitra 24

Kenitra 36


Khouribga Online

La Depeche du Nord

La Nouvelle Tribune

La Tribune de Marrakech

La Vie Eco

Laayoune Now

Laayoune Online

Larache 24

Le 360

Le Journal de Tanger

Le Journal du Sport

Le Matin

Le Reporter


Les Eco



Magazan 24

Maghrebe Arabe Presse

Maroc 24

Maroc Hebdo

Maroc News 24

Maroc Press

Maroc Webo

Marrakech 24

Marrakech Alaan

Medi 1

Meknes Press


Moroccan Times

Morocco Gazette

Morocco Media

Morocco World News


Nador 24

Nador City

Nador Today


Oujda City

Rabat Today

Radio Aswat

Rif 24

Rif Today

Safi Press

Safi Today

Souss 24

Souss Plus

Tan Tan 24

Tan Tan 360

Tan Tani 24

Tanja 24

Tanja 24

Tanja 7

Tanja News

Tel Quel

Tetouan Plus


Zagora News

Zaio Lakom

Zaio Press

Zed Press

Zoom News

The above media list is provide by Arab Newswire™ – a press release distribution services for businesses and organizations with intention to reach their target audiences through the media in countries like Morocco in the Middle East  and North Africa (MENA).  

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