Arch of Marcus Aurelius with view of Gurgi
Arch of Marcus Aurelius with view of Gurgi Mosque Tripoli, Libya by Ziyad-El-Baz

Media list for businesses to obtain press coverage from print, broadcast, online news sites to newswire services in Tripoli, Libya, MENA and the Arab world.

Tripoli, Libya  (Arab Newswire) – Before the civil war, Libya was a burgeoning country with large oil reserves and booming economic sector. The toppling of President Moammar Gadhafi in 2011 brought economic growth to a standstill, but gave birth to free speech and the rise of media houses.  The Libyan media sector is striving as peace negotiations hold among fighting factions. Hence businesses are ceasing opportunities to publish and distribute press releases and content to their target audiences in Tripoli — the economic and political capital, other Libyan regions and neighboring countries such as Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Niger, Sudan, and Tunisia.  

Below is a sample of Libya media list for press release distribution:  


Afrigate News


Akhbar Libya

Akhbar Libya 24

Al Ahrar

Al Marsad

Al Motawaset

Al Mukhtar Al Arabi

Al Rassed Al Liby

Al Wasat

Al Watan Libya



Ean Libya

El Khabar

El Watan

Ewan Libya

Fassato News




Libya 24

Libya Akhbar

Libya Al Khabar

Libya Al Mokhtar

Libya Al Salam

Libya Business Info

Libya Business Info

Libya Business News

Libya FM

Libya Herald

Libya Monitor

Libya News

Libya News Agency

Libya News Agency

Libya News Agency

Libya Observer

Libya Press Board

Libya Prospect

Libya Times

Libyan Business Channel

Libyan Cloud News Agency

Libyan Cloud News Agency

Libyan Express

Libyan News Agency

Libya’s Channel



New Libya


To publish and distribute press releases in Arabic to media outlets in Libya, neighboring countries, Middle East and  North Africa,  please submit press release at Arab Newswire™.   

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