Jeddah Saudi Arabia by mohammed alorabi
Jeddah Saudi Arabia by mohammed alorabi

KSA Media List: Arab Newswire publishes and distributes news releases from businesses and organizations to media outlets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia – (Arab Newswire) – The ubiquitous use of mobile phones in the Saudi Arabia has proliferated internet penetration among the citizens of the Kingdom. In 2019, 80.7 percent of the inhabitants of KSA have used smartphones. In 2021, smartphone usage spiked to 90.2 percent according to Statista.  With this growth of mobile phones in KSA, 93.31 percent of the country’s population of 35 million have Internet access.  

With this number of eyeballs, businesses and organizations have the opportunity to disseminate press releases to their target audiences through new media.  This is not to say that the traditional media like print and broadcast do not reach the citizens of the Kingdom.  Au contraire, both print and broadcast media outlets are using Internet platforms to reach their readers in Arabic, the official language, and in English, the second most spoken language in the country.

Below is Saudi Arab media list that businesses and organizations use for press release distribution to reach their target audiences through journalists, editors, news analysts, publishers of online news sites, blogs and newswire services.  To write, publish and distribute press releases to KSA media outlets, contact Arab Newswire™ through Mobile/WhatsApp: +1 832-716-2363.

Saudi Arab Media List for Press Release Distribution:   


Afif news

Al Arabiya


Al Eqtisadiah

Al Jazirah

Al Madina

Al Marefh

Al Riyadh

Al Weeam

Albilad Daily


Al-Jazirah Online





Arab News (In English)

Aseer News

Asharq al Awsat




Google Saudi news

kharj newspaper

Makkah News




Saudi Gazette (In English)

Saudi Press Agency (in Arabic)

Saudi Press Agency (SPA) (in English)



Umm Al Qura


Zawya – Reuters

The above media list is provided by Arab Newswire™ – a press release distribution services for businesses and organizations with news about their product and services that want to reach their target audiences in Saudi Arabia in the Middle East.

About the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia, officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has a surface area of 2,150,00 square kilometers, and it is the largest state in Western Asia. The official language of Saudi Arabia is Arabic, but 50 percent of the population in cities speak English.  The Kingdom has a populations of 34.54 million with $23,140 GDP  per capita, hence making the country’s economy the largest in the Middle East and the 18th largest in the world.  Sixty-six percent of its 34.54 million population is under the age of 35; this age group are the drivers of the 8.7 percent annual growth of the social media.  

About Arab Newswire™
ArabNewsWire™ is a commercial newswire service with press release distribution to media outlets in the Arab world,  Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The newswire services publishes and distributes press releases in Arabic, English and French.  Arab Newswire™ is a sister newswire service to™ –  a global newswire that provides press release distribution with guaranteed results™. ArabNewswire™ and™ are part of GroupWeb Media Network.

For more information on press release distribution to media in Saudi Arabia, the Arab world including Middle East and North Africa, contact us or call +1 281-645-4086 or WhatsApp: +1 832-716-2363.


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