The 2021 Social Media Advertising Guide
The 2021 Social Media Advertising Guide

EmailWire, press release distribution services presents “The 2021 Social Media Advertising Guide” – a compass to navigate the landscape

Houston, TX – (EMAILWIRE) –  The global newswire, EmailWire™, that provides press release distribution with guaranteed results presents, The 2021 Social Media Advertising Guide“. This is a free compass for businesses to navigate trends, predictions and adapt to the changing landscape of social media advertising in 2021 amidst COVID-19.

Long before the coronavirus, businesses or organizations have placed advertisement on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others to build and increase brand awareness. Some have used ads to sell their products or services directly to their target audiences.   As many people have stayed home either for self-quarantined or imposed-quarantined, they turned to social media to connect even more so than ever – hence many eyeballs for advertisers.  At the same token, many people are without jobs; this means they have less money to spend.   This is not to say everyone is completely out or work. There are individuals striving, businesses are finding opportunities to make money – and they are making a killing as a result of Covid-19, yet we know things are not the same.

Whether you make money or not, the state of affairs with COVID-19 is currently dubbed “the new normal.”  The human being is resilient; people are finding ways to survive and they leveraging new social media tools to cope and move on.  Advertisers too are finding new ways to reach these audiences on Social Media.

However, in order for these advertisers to strive in 2021, they’ll have to look back at the social media landscape of 2020 with COVID-19, the tools necessary to adapt to the new normal.  To do this, folks at Tinuiti have put out a guide titled, “The 2021 Social Media Advertising Guide.”   

In this year’s guide, they “took a closer look at innovations for social media platforms compared to last year.”  The guide “highlight the issues most likely to impact advertisers in 2021 and share how they should prepare to stay ahead of the competition,”   reports Tinuiti.   To help advertisers become successful on Social Media networks, the publication covers the following:

– How to adapt to new shopping behaviors due to Covid-19
– Five of the biggest trends expected to impact advertisers in 2021
– Why you need to diversify your paid social mix now
– Social Media advertising predictions from the experts

To download this free guide, go to

Disclaimer: EmailWire does not endorse the aforementioned guide or its author. The publication is presented as free information. However, if you download the publication, we receive a small token for our efforts to make it available to you.  

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