Palm Trees in The Comoros
Palm trees are found in the Comoros

Comoros Media List

The Comoros, also known officially as Union of the Comoros, is a country of islands and islets located in southeast of Mozambique and northwest of Madagascar. This archipelago of volcanic islands has surface area of 2,034 square Kilometers dotted in the Indian Ocean.  Though a small country, The Comoros is known for its scenic beauty, flourish aroma from local flowers that attracts tourists every year.  

The population of The Comoros is 846,281, and the people speak Arabic, French, Shikomoro and Comorian.  However, their  online news sites, newspapers, magazine, radio and television stations are  mainly in Arabic and French. publishes and distributes press releases to Comoros media outlets in Arabic and French. Here is a sample media list:

Actu Comores

Al Watwan – state owned weekly

Comores 24

Comores Actualites

Comores Infos

Habari Za Comores

Hayba FM

La Gazette des Comores – state owned weekly

Le Mohelien

Mtsangani Television (MTV) – Moroni

Radio Comoros

Radio Dziyalandze –

Radio-Television Anjouanaise

Radio Ngazidja

RFO Mayotte  While the listed media outlets are few, they cover the country’s economic issues. The estimated gross domestic product (GDP) in 2018 was  $1.184 billion. The main industries are fishing, tourism, perfume distillation. The country exports vanilla, ylang-ylang (perfume essence), cloves, copra to countries like India, Singapore, France, Netherlands, Turkey, United States, Saudi Arabia and Germany.  

Expatriates, foreigners living or doing business in the country, tourists are also consumers of Comorian media. Hence, the newspapers, magazines, online news sites, radio and television stations report on the economy of the nation, they as well report on the arts and entertainment, political and social issues. Arabnewswire publishes and distributes press releases to journalists, bloggers and investors in the Comoros. To publish and distribute press releases to The Comoros people and their media outlets, submit press release or contact us.  


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