Grand Mosque in Nouakchott in Mauritania
Grand Mosque in Nouakchott in Mauritania

Businesses and organizations are reaching  Mauritanians, even with lack of press freedom, through mobile devices and online platforms.  

Noakchott, Mauritania (Arab Newswire) –  Mauritania is a west African country south of the Sahara, where the media is controlled by the state government. Despite censorship, Mauritanian newspapers and tabloids are flourishing in major cities.  Some of these metro areas are Noakchott, the capital city;  Nouadhibou, the country’s commercial and second largest city; followed by Néma located in the southeast, and Kaédi – the administrative center for the Gorgol Region.   

Out of  4.53 million Mauritanians, most of the inhabitants live in the top largest cities. Seventy out of 100 Mauritanians, in these metro areas, possess mobile phones and have access to the Internet and are big users of Social Media. Businesses reach these audiences with press releases distributed and published on online platforms in Arabic and French – the main two language of the country.

Below is a sample list of Mauritania media where Arab Newswire publishes and distributes press releases in Arabic and French: 

Agence Mauritanienne d’Information

Agence Nouakchott d’Information

Al Haqaiq










Le Calame

Mauri Actu

Mauri Media

Mauri Web

Mauri Web

Mauritanies 1

Points Chauds

Rim Now



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