Arab Countries, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Media Lists
Arab Countries, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Media Lists

Compiled media list to reach target audience in in Arab World and the MENA regions. 


Algeria media list for press release distribution to Algiers, Oran, Blida, Constantine and other major cities.

The nation of Algeria, part of the MENA region, uses Arabic as her official language; about fifty percent of the country speak and write French. Hence, this north African country’s publications, television, radio stations and online news sites, social media are mainly in Arabic or French.  However, you can also reach expats in English who are conducting international and local businesses in Algeria; considering Algeria’s high news consumption rate, socio-economic and business atmosphere, this media list is great to reach a target audience.


Bahrain media list allows for disseminating corporate news to media outlets to top major cities such as Manama, Riffa, Muharraq, Hamad Town and other regions of the country. Most of Bahrain’s online news sites, newspapers, magazine, radio and television stations are in Arabic and Malayalam, while some media outlets are in English. Therefore businesses, organizations and individual entities can reach audiences in Bahrain through newswire services. publishes and distributes press releases to these Bahraini media in Arabic and in English.


Comoros media list comprises of outlets that targets decision makers. However, the country has 846,281 inhabitants; these people speak Arabic, French, Shikomoro and Comorian.  However, their online news sites, newspapers, magazine, radio and television stations are mainly in Arabic and French. publishes and distributes press releases to Comoros media outlets in Arabic and French.


Djibouti media list contains newspapers, news sites, magazines, radio and television stations. The county’s population is about a million people and belong to Somali, Afar and Yemeni Arabs. However, official languages are Arabic and French. Hence the media use both languages. publishes and distributes press releases to the Republic of Djibouti media outlets in two official languages. Here is a sample media list to submit press release.


Egypt media list is a tool to reach target audience in this north African country. The media in Egypt is huge among the Egyptians and even among the entire Arab world or Middle East North Africa (MENA) region due to the early establishment of the printing press and the country’s first newspaper al-Waqi’a al-Misriya in 1828. There are many national and local newspapers. However, today, Television is the most popular platform to broadcast news and entertainment. There are state and private owned radio and television stations, magazines, newspapers and online news sites. Egyptian media is mainly in Arabic, while some are in English. Arab Newswire publishes and distributes press releases to the Egypt media and to the MENA region media outlets in Arabic and in English.  To publish and distribute press releases, submit press release or contact us.


Iraqi media list allows businesses organizations and individuals to distribute press release in Arabic, English to journalists, bloggers, newspapers, radio, television stations and news agencies. Iraqi mass media, which include print, radio, television and online services, report in these languages: Arabic, Kurdish, Turkmen, and Neo-Aramaic.  However, ArabNewswire™ focuses its press release distribution to Iraqi media outlets in English and In Arabic.


Jordan media list includes blogs, online news sites, radio and television stations and magazines. There are about 10.7 million people in Jordan and about 9 million have access to social media. The Jordanian population mainly speak Arabic. Jordan is part of Middle East North Africa (MENA) region.  If in need to reach target audience in Jordan, this list enables anyone to publish and distributes press releases to the media in Jordan and the middle east and north Africa regions in Arabic and in English.


Kuwait media list is for press release distribution to Kuwaiti and GCC journalists, reporters, bloggers, publishers and newswire services in the region. While Kuwait has other convention media, the ubiquity of the Internet and social media enables Kuwaitis to consume and publish blogs, post on social media, online news sites of magazines, newspapers, radio and television stations. With a population of about 5 million, these inhabitants speak English and Arabic.


Lebanon media List comes with blogs, magazines, newspapers, radio and television stations. The Lebanese people enjoy a wide array of media in multiple languages.  To this regard, Arab Newswire™ publishes and distributes press releases in Arabic, French, English to newswire services, bloggers, editors, publishers, content producers and directors of news agencies in Lebanon.


Enjoy press coverage by using Libya media list for news release and content Distribution to journalists, editors, bloggers and Influencers. The Libyan media sector is striving as peace negotiations hold among fighting factions. Hence businesses are ceasing opportunities to publish and distribute press releases and content to their target audiences in Tripoli — the economic and political capital and other Libyan regions.


With Mauritania media list, is possible to a target audience of 4.53 million Mauritanians. Most inhabitants of these north African country live in the top largest cities. Seventy out of 100 Mauritanians, in these metro areas, possess mobile phones and have access to the Internet and are big users of Social Media. Businesses reach these audiences with press releases distributed and published on online platforms in Arabic and French – the main two language of the country.


Morocco media list allows for news distribution to audiences  in this country. With high television, radio and  the internet penetration in the urban and regional areas, the Moroccan people have access to news, entertainment, social, political and economic programs.

Moroccans love their TVs. Over 96 percent of the population own a television sets and watches 3.75 hours of programing per day.  The television stations are either state or private owned with high number of satellite TV stations around the country.


Oman media list includes broadcast media (radio and television), print (newspapers and magazines), blogs and online news sites.  Most of the media outlets in Oman have news sites, because Oman’s internet penetration stands at 92 percent – one of the countries with high online usage in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.


Qatar has a proliferation of media outlets including newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, online news sites and blogs. Al Jazeera and its affiliate beIN Sports, are global television networks that originate from Qatar with headquarters in Doha.  Businesses reach their target audiences through Qatar media list.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia media list for press Release distribution in Arabic and English target audience in the Kingdom. With the growth of traditional media, print and broadcast media outlets are using Internet platforms to reach readers in Arabic, the official language, and in English, the second most spoken language in the country.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Arab Newswire UAE media list to publishes and distributes news releases from businesses and organizations to media outlets in the Emirates.  Here why:  A recent story reveals that there were 9.04 million active mobile internet users, while there were 9.732 million active mobile social users. This usage is from a population of 9.8 million. In fact, on a given day, an Emirati spends 7 hours using the Internet and spends on average 2 hours and 57 minutes on social media.

About Arab Newswire™

ArabNewsWire™ is a commercial newswire service with press release distribution to media outlets in the Arab world, Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The newswire service publishes and distributes press releases in Arabic, English and French.

For more information on press release distribution to media in the Arab world including Middle East and North Africa, contact us at WhatsApp: +1 832-716-2363 or over Skype: groupwebmedia.


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